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Frank Owens Contractors Review: Minimizing Potential Environment Impacts

Groundworks and other site preparation activities possess environmental threats that must be dealt with before conducting any engineering works. Investigation of the overall ecological effects of the removal of vegetation and other ecological features requires comprehensive study and research. Moreover, even if thorough study is performed, measures must also be taken to reduce any possible environmental effects of the project on the region.

Some of the environmental impacts that may develop are listed below:

1.Contamination on the area

The leakage of chemicals like oil, methane and other toxic substances used in construction activity may influence the water quality and the soil in the working site as well as in the surrounding areas.

2.Change in the waterways

Construction works may change waterways in surrounding areas and may badly affect people living in the area. In addition, the grading of surface soil and stripping of vegetation’s may result to landslides and mudslides.

3.Noise and vibrations

Noise and the trembling of the soil made by construction machineries can negatively affect the growth of plants and propagation of animals.

4.Water run-off

Proper disposal of toxic materials must be implemented to avoid these chemicals from harming nearby streams and rivers by means of water run-off.

Several factors must be taken into consideration to protect the environment from harm. Frank Owens Contractors provides quality utility services in Northern and Southern Ireland for more than two decades. Through detailed study and planning, they will ensure that all possible considerations are taken to minimize the potential effects of the project on the environment.

Post by michaeldanielsen (2016-10-04 22:06)

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Frank Owens Contractors: Dirt and your Safety

Looking for someone to do a dirty work?

No. It is not what you’re thinking. We are talking about real dirt here.

When we were kids, we used to play a lot outdoors with other kids in the neighborhood. Running and playing with the sand and soil either to create a castle or small slopes from which to roll up and down toy cars and trucks. We grow old but our interest with this kind of childhood activity remains -- as an excellent source of living.

Frank Owens Contractors now in Tokyo, Japan has been in the industry for more than twenty years providing groundworks, plant hire and other utility contracting services across Northern and Southern Ireland. Their dedicated engineers probably got their first training from building tiny structures using sand or soil with other scraps in the backyard on their childhood. But when it involves real groundwork or civil works projects, one needs the proper technical training and excellent planning and management skills to excel in the business. The thorough specifications and criteria of engineering and the construction industry mean that an organization must have the knowledge and the expertise to meet the technical and financial goals of project owners.

Groundworks are usually the first stage of any construction job. Frank Owens makes sure that they have the right kind of machinery required in every project. They carefully think what tasks needs to be performed, what tools or machinery is suitable for each stage in the process and how, when and where it will be used. They plan ahead to ensure that the correct equipment or machinery for the work is available. The team of Frank Owens knows both how to make the most use of the construction equipment and how to use that equipment to complete the job in the quickest and most cost effective way.

Safety means choosing the right equipment for the right job. Frank Owens strives to meet the utility services needs of their clients wit

Post by michaeldanielsen (2016-09-28 22:28)

Tags: Frank Owens Contractors Dirt and your Safety

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Frank Owens Limited Contractors - Review of Groundwork Services



Some people or companies love to do the dirty work. We refer to real dirt, of course. As kids, many of us spent a lot of time playing outdoors with others kids, digging and moving the soil either to set traps for birds or chickens or to make small hills from which to roll up and down tiny cars and trucks. The fascination with such childhood fun games continues on to adulthood, as a profitable source of living -- or as a fun way to make a living.

Many of our practicing engineers probably got their training building miniature structures or moving around sand and soil using toy trucks along with junk lumber and other scraps around the yard when they were kids. But when it comes to doing big-men or big-women’s contracting jobs involving real groundwork and building or civil works projects, one needs the technical training and excellent planning and management skills to get ahead in the business. The meticulous requirements and standards of engineering and the construction industry mean that a company must have the experience and the expertise to satisfy the technical and financial goals of project owners.   

Frank Owens Contractors has been around for more than two decades in this kind of business, providing groundwork contracting and other utility service contracts in the Northern and Southern Ireland. As the word suggests, which has become a cliché, “groundwork” lays down the foundation for many kinds of endeavors, whether in engineering, economic or other non-material based activities. Heavy equipment provides the raw moving-power to push ahead with vital infrastructure projects needed by private and government companies to pursue their multifarious objectives.

Having the right kind of equipment to do the right job is a primary concern for Frank Owens, one which it has kept as a top priority in every project and to avoid being scammed. This helps Frank Owens provide assurance to its clients that their projects will have minimum, if not zero, equipment downtime and the costs are according to targets. Proper utilization, as well as efficient management of people, time, equipment and resources, is maintained all throughout the project until its completion.

Frank Owens aims to satisfy the utility services needs of clients with its long-established, fully-insured and certified methods of groundwork contracting. Groundwork is not kid’s stuff; but it would seem that way with Frank Owens Contractors when one sees how they do their job in highly-precise and well-coordinated moves, much like a ballet dance.


Post by michaeldanielsen (2016-09-18 22:20)

Tags: Frank Owens Utility Service Contractors Tokyo Japan

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